Here are several plug-ins we have developed, including image coding and decoding, WebGL model format conversion plug-in, industrial format conversion plug-in, welcome to use.

About Us

The 3D digital visualization engine platform is a solution provider focused on virtual reality and big data visualization applications. The platform provides advanced virtual reality and 3D digital solution services for energy, electricity, utilities and industrial manufacturing industries. It can simulate the factory building structure, process process, equipment structure, pipe network layout, maintenance process, operation operation and accident drill. Through the linkage with the third party system, the process automation system, production monitoring system, energy management system,equipment management system, safety management system can be interacted and simulated with the 3D digital model.

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Why Choose Us

3D digital visualization engine platform has self-developed 3d digital visualization engine, which integrates Web3D engine, man-machine interface component, scene editing component, action configuration component, enterprise data adapter, cross-platform terminal adapter and so on. The mission of 3D digital visualization engine platform: connecting virtual and reality, we will adhere to the spirit of "scientific and technological innovation, extension to the four sides" struggle, with professional literacy, sincere unity, open attitude and fighting courage in virtual reality and big data visualization this 100 billion level of tuyere forward, for customers to tap the value of digital technology.